Pill Tracker

Regulatory rules make marketing difficult in some areas in Europe for pharma products. How do you create an app that is explicitly for a single product and not to be used for competitor products?

This particular pill tracker was being used to track and assess with competitor products by customers. This presented multiple problems - as results could be hazardous to them. Our team redesigned the app to simply be close/literal translation of the product itself.

Regulatory, Women's Health, Europe Market

Qlaira App - Available on Europe Android/Apple app stores - Published 2011

Playing Within the Lines

This product was a new women’s healthcare contraceptive pill that came after a line of successful products in the US market. The dynamics of the pill required a different regiment and response if the patient missed a pill in their schedule. Hence - it made sense to management to build a tracking app for it, instead of allowing patients to use generic pill tracker apps with generic feedback. However, European standards made it difficult to reference the product (No Logo or branding) - apps needed to be tools for patients, not promotional material.

The Qlaira Blister Pack

The Solution

There is a small loophole in showing the brand - if it’s a product shot. This is common knowledge , but no one framed it as a solution - only as a hindrance. My solution was to essentially turn the entire app as the product, mimicking opening the box to get to the blister pack. The interface makes it very clear that this app is only for one specific brand and allows for simple tracking based on pill compliance.

An interface mimicking the actual product - a loophole Euro regulation.
Clear directive copy - indicating explicitly that the app is for the specific product.
UI that looks exactly like the blister pack.
Feedback - unlike most tracking apps.